Author Residency

Part of expanding our impression on young minds is working actively with the schools to bring in artists that have an impact on their student body.  The goal is to demonstrate that a love for the arts can turn into a lucrative career opportunity.  In addition, we hope to broaden the minds of our youth.

Through a generous grant from South Arts, we  have the opportunity to bring in John C. Brewer, author of Multiplayer, a book about a boy named Hector West. Hector is  a typical teenager. He plays sports, rides dirt bikes, and hangs out with his friends. But all that changes when his father is killed in Iraq and the family moves back to his mother’s dull hometown. Bored and angry, Hector escapes into the online game Omega Wars, where he can reconnect with old friends through his character Izaak Ersatz.

During his three day residency,  John spoke  to  middle and high school students, the VA home, as well as local writing groups.


“This performance is funded in part by a grant from South Arts in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Bossier Arts Council.”

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