Project Art Supplies


Project Art Supplies is an ongoing effort to put art supplies in the hands of Bossier students. Please continue to support this effort by dropping off supplies to the Bossier Arts Council.

We love receiving emails like this one:

I’m sure a lot of folks don’t think too much about the importance that a box of crayons can make; however, many have donated that and many other items to the Bossier Arts Council for area teachers and students to use in their classrooms. Many have donated paint, paper and other items. ┬áPlease pass this along to them – thank you very much. I have seen where that one box of crayons put a smile on a middle school boy’s face that would have lit up a room, and the high school girl that got watercolors was so proud because they were her’s to create with. The list of smiles is long thanks to the Bossier Arts Council and the support of the community. So I want to thank you so much for this program – it is working and it is a good thing – people do care.
Take care,

Stephen D. Porter
Visual Arts Instructor
Talented Arts Program
Bossier Parish Schools


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