East Bank Gallery

Current Exhibition:

“Contemporary Works” featuring

Kit Gilbert & Robert Fogel

The Bossier Arts Council presents this unique collaboration, “Contemporary Works”, beginning April 1st, 2017 and hanging until May 31st, 2017. It will feature the artworks of
Kit Gilbert and Robert Fogel in our East Bank Gallery.
The Opening Reception is scheduled for Saturday, April 15th from 2-4pm and will be held at the Bossier Arts Council located at 630 Barksdale Boulevard, Bossier City, La 71111. This event is FREE and OPEN to the public.

The Shape of Things to Come Series #42″ by Kit Gilbert

Kit Gilbert — is a multimedia artist, who lives and works in Ruston, Louisiana. She has studied visual art in Europe as well as the United States for over forty years. Gilbert has shown her works nationally including venues such as The Gallery in Beaufort, South Carolina, and Merkle & Price Gallery in El Dorado, Arkansas. Her work is influenced by landscape and memory as well as issues in formal design.
“My recent work is dealing with visual distortions. Because of recent Macular degeneration issues, I am primarily working with larger geometric shapes in my compositions. These shapes are not only two-dimensional, but they are also three-dimensional applications to the surfaces of the paintings and paper works. The objects adhered to the surface of my paintings and paper works include photographs, magazine cutouts, and paper print outs as a collage element. Combining the collaged images provides a sort of resolution to the loss of my vision, which becomes a physically tangible aspect as well as an insertion of photographic reference to memory.”
Vug #4” by Robert Fogel
Robert Fogel — started making sculptures to remind him of places and scenes in the Great Basin. His goal is to minimize the detail so that the viewer’s own experiences, memories, and imagination become part of the experience. The challenge is to reduce his memories to a minimalist set of forms, lines, colors, and textures. Robert chose metal as his medium because he loves it’s versatility and strength. The surface may be left intact or altered by grinding, sandblasting, painting, staining, etc. After moving to Louisiana, he has been intrigued by the meandering streams and the oxbow lakes and bayous created when the stream changes course. By offsetting sections of the sculpture, the flat surface is broken adding interest.
“Metal is an interesting art medium because of its unique properties. Some of the properties of steel, for instance, include its high strength to weight ratio, moderate ductility, opacity, electrical conductivity, ability to hold a sharp edge, it rusts, and can be polished or magnetized. The number of metal fabrication techniques expands the design possibilities beyond the properties of metal themselves.”
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