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Think “Handlebar Mustache” and who comes to mind?  Well, of course, our own Ed Allen!  This Missouri farm boy has sported the lip hair since he was discharged from the service.  Carol, his wife, assured their son Eric that he would never cut it!

The love of the look of stained glass in windows, lamps and panels has led to a lifetime vocation.  He attended Vo- Tech, then After 20 years in the USAF, Ed retired in 1971 with electronic experience works as a licensed radio and TV technician for a  few years.  During that time a class in stained glass
construction was offered at a local YMCA.  I “encouraged” him to take the course and he was “hooked. ” Ed’s first workshop was the back porch
where he worked many nights (well into the night!) on his hobby.  Many family and friends’ gifts were constructed while he perfected his art.

Upon purchasing a large supply of stained glass supplies, the business of Ed’s Emporium was born.

Julia Raring lives in Bossier City, Louisiana with her military husband and two children. Thanks to the instruction of a gifted high school teacher, Julia realized her love and affinity for watercolor.

After receiving her BA from the University of Mary Washington, Julia has been pursuing the joy of creating art while being a stay at home mother. Julia‚Äôs desire is to capture moments of clarity, reflection, beauty, or awe and to share the experience with others.  Julia is a highly decorated artist with numerous awards in watercolor art.

Julia is a firm believer that timing is everything. How you see the world, your experiences, your effect on others, are all influenced by time. Her vision of the world is reflected in her art by moments of beauty and peaceful reflection.


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