Victoria Smith

Time to open the story book……

It is time to tell a tale that has not been told for a long time, one that was lost. It begins with a girl, Victoria. She bloomed by the bay of a salty sea shore. Swept away at a young age, she was re-potted in a land of odd language and home to diabolical bloodsuckers (mosquitoes) along with these curious tiny walking red tanks (fire ants)……..

Even a simple introduction of who Victoria is, will never be done without some sort of whimsy or childlike fun.  As she mentioned, she was born in San Francisco but had to move to the great state of Louisiana when she was younger.  With city blood running deep and southern charm woven into her personality, she is a direct product of her surroundings and experiences.  Her works, no matter what medium she is working in, have a style that is inherently that of her own.  It is difficult to example that every–doodle, paint stroke, or even simple short hand note–has a set of characteristics that is a “Victoria”.  It might be that objects always take on personalities and animals usually are having some sort of quirky narrative with the area around them, or that colors live within her works as subjects themselves. She has always seen color and pattern—–MORE IS BETTER.  She is not stopping that logic anytime soon. Who doesn’t love a color story between a leopard print pistol and a variety of brightly painted lighters? Life is made to be enjoyed just as her works are meant to be!  We are only here for so long. Do it, try it, and love it.  Can’t decide whether to wear the tangerine heels or the royal blue blazer as your “pop”…….shoot, just wear both!

Do it!


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