Bossier Arts Council Presents: Lucia Woo and Dan Wasserman


Lucia Woo

Artist Statement

Lucia’s family has a long history of migration. As the youngest child of an immigrant family, her only childhood entertainment was Japanese Manga. She learned how to draw by reading numerous Manga. Art came through for her as an escape. Art helped her avoid alienation as an outsider in this new place. In this series of portraiture, she reflects on her lived experience as an immigrant, examining how immigrants construct their identity in a new place.

Her research process led to her discovery of humanistic geography. Humanistic geography focuses on humans and their conditions and the relationship between humans and their land. Through the lens of humanistic geography, she used portraits to investigate the construct of identity in her interviewees and herself. Humanistic geography also inspired her to incorporate natural materials such as charcoal powder, vine and willow charcoal, mica powder, and beeswax into producing the portrait, incorporating nature as part of her artwork.

Lucia Woo Artwork

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Dan Wasserman 

Artist Statement

Dan creates abstract and textured pieces using acrylic paints and mixed media. His work typically contains both 2D and 3D elements. He loves to blur the lines between painting and sculpting thus creating tactile pieces that viewers often want to touch. He creates without practice and believes allowing his mistakes to show provides viewers insight to his personal growth. He also seizes opportunities to hide “Easter Eggs” into his work, such as words or symbols, revealing a deeper meaning or acknowledging an influence. Viewers often gain more insight into his work simply  by looking longer.

Dan Wasserman Artwork

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