Upcoming Shows & Artists Calls

In 2019, we hosted our “Please Touch The Art” show and it instantly became a crowd favorite! Now, four years later, we are bringing it back as “Sensory Show: The Second Sense” and we are inviting Artists to submit their work!
The goal of the Sensory Show is for artists to take their Visual medium and incorporate a secondary sense for viewers to interact with. Smell, Sound, Taste, or Touch can be utilized! Can someone strum a tune on your sculpture or smell scented oils used in your paint? The possibilities are endless! For this Artist Call, there are no limitations on size or medium. The only requirement is that viewers must be able to interact with a piece in a way beyond viewing.
Artworks will be on display in both the East Bank and Emerging Galleries from April 4th until May 30th, 2023.
The Opening Reception is Friday, April 7th from 6-8pm.

Those interested in learning more about any of our gallery calls, please contact Jeremy Hefner, Venue Coordinator at jeremy@bossierarts.org
or call 318-741-8310.