Know the rules and regulations for our annual SBC Zombie Walk Costume Contest!

Costume Rules

  • All costumes must follow the swimsuit modesty rule and cover as much as a standard swimsuit. Body paint, pasties, or any other minimum coverage attire will be asked to leave.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Props are welcome, but Props must be obviously fake. Orange-tipped Guns and Nerf/Costume Quality Blades. Anything thought to be too dangerous will be asked to be put back in your car.
  • Enter into the Zombie Walk Costumes Contest at Mad Cow Masks table before 7PM, where Costumes will be Photographed and Reviewed for Judging.
  • Judging is traditionally done by local horror attraction, NecroManor Haunted House.
Winners will be announced at 9PM that night, where Prizes will be distributed. You MUST be Present to Win and Receive your Prizes!
You have 3 Chances to Win!
  • Threat level: Run and Hide – This 3rd place award goes to the Zombie who makes us want to Hide.
  • Threat level: Turn and Fight – This 2nd place award among the Undead better have us reaching for our Weapons!!!
  • Threat level: Dead and Gone – Well. You got us. We won’t make it out Alive. But it would be an Honor to become a Meal for the 1st place Winner of our Contest!!
Children’s Costume Contest
Little Ankle Biter Awards – Even the Littlest ones can catch the Biggest meals! Zombies ages up to 12 should keep their Eyes on the Prize…
With 3 Chances to Win, it’s always Feeding time!