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“We create a vibrant local arts scene that enriches the cultural life of the Bossier Parish community as a whole.”

Bossier Arts Council

630 Barksdale Blvd.

Bossier City, LA 71111



Open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm

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Who we are


The Bossier Arts Council (BAC) is a community-based organization that is dedicated to supporting and promoting the arts within Bossier Parish in Northern Louisiana.  While we may have a range of goals, our primary focus is typically to provide resources and opportunities for local artists and performers to showcase their work, connect with audiences, and build their careers.


To achieve these goals, we undertake a variety of activities, such as hosting or organizing art exhibitions, music concerts, dance performances, and theater productions.  These events are typically designed to showcase the talents of local artists and performers, and to provide opportunities for them to network with one another, as well as with audiences and potential buyers or sponsors.


The BAC may also offer various types of support and resources to local artists and performers such as workshops, mentorship programs, or other educational resources to help artists and performers develop their skills and advance their careers.


In addition to these activities, we work to raise awareness of the arts within our Bossier Parish community.  This may involve collaborating with other organizations, such as schools, libraries, or community centers, to offer programming that introduces community members to different types of art and encourages them to attend local cultural events.


The Bossier Arts Council was created in 1980 through a joint effort by a local arts organization and the City of Bossier. The Bossier Arts Council continues to partner with the City in providing excellence in the arts for citizens and visitors. Over the years BAC has grown, focusing on expanding arts opportunities in community theatre, visual arts, festivals and exhibits, arts education for children and adults, public arts, and grants opportunities.

What we offer

Events and Exhibitions


Discover the heartbeat of our local arts scene. Join us for inspiring events and exhibitions that showcase the talent and creativity of Bossier Parish.

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East Bank District and Plaza


Experience the arts under the open sky. Our outdoor venue hosts a vibrant array of performances and events that bring our community together.

Galleries, Theater and Annex


Explore our galleries, immerse yourself in captivating performances at our theater, and unlock your potential at our Learning Annex.

Artists and Performers


Elevate your artistry. Connect with mentors, learn from professionals, and gain exposure through our range of opportunities designed for artists and performers.

Education and Outreach


Ignite your passion for the arts. Engage with our educational programs and outreach initiatives that make the arts accessible to all.

BAC Chronicle


Keep in touch with the local art scene with regular articles, interviews, news and reviews.  Our very own blog serves to keep art always present in our community


Our Team

Brittainy Pope

Executive Director

Alex Richardson

Marketing Coordinator

Jeremy Hefner

Venue Coordinator

Dyra Turner

Administrative Assistant

Our History


The Bossier Arts Council is housed in the old Bossier City Municipal Building.  Built in 1926, the Bossier Arts Council took up residence in 1980 and the building  was later listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.


Designed by architects Jones, Roessle, Olschner, and Wiener, this two-story brick building originally included city offices, an auditorium/council chamber, and a fire station (the space of which now houses one of our two galleries). It also housed upstairs jail cells which are still installed and available to see!  As mentioned by the NRHP nomination, the building possesses some elements that can be termed Renaissance Revival in their style.  Enjoy this excerpt by the NRHP describing the details and designs behind the Municipal Building’s architecture:

“[T]he Municipal Building has a romantic and evocative style that partakes of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque, although the effect is heavily dependent upon accent features rather than overall design. Despite some admittedly significant alterations over the years, the building retains the bulk of its original exterior character and would be easily recognizable to someone from the historic period. Hence it conveys its identity and historical significance as a “coming of age” for Bossier City.


The Municipal Building’s Italian flavor can be seen in its villa-like asymmetrical massing under a low, broadly overhanging roof (originally clay tile) with widely spaced extended brackets. The asymmetry is minimal, but nonetheless convincing when seen from a three-quarter view. Massing takes the form of a large, low-pitch, gable-fronted main block with a one story projection on the east side and a two story projection containing the staircase on the west side.


At the rear is a flat roofed fire station wing. The one story addition spanning the western elevation of the main block, behind the staircase “tower,” dates from the historic period. Its brickwork and windows are identical to the original construction. A series of great round arch windows on the second story façade and side elevations light what was originally the council chamber. Five of these windows span the façade. Above them, in the low gable, is a cast stone tablet with classical details identifying the building.”

Created by our friends at the Bossier Parish Libraries, the following video covers almost 100 years of our building’s history with fellow historian Cheryl H. White! Watch and learn some amazing  facts about our building that not even we knew!

Our values

Mission Statement


We are dedicated to promoting, supporting, and providing cultural events and programming in order to enhance the quality of life, and to promote the cultural identity of Bossier Parish.

Non-discrimination Policy


We are committed to equal opportunity and unbiased treatment of all individuals based on job-related qualifications and without regard to race, color, gender, age, national origin, religion, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status or any other basis.

Become a Member!

Support the Arts


Your membership helps support the arts in Bossier Parish.  The funds from memberships go directly towards organizing events, maintaining our facilities, and providing resources for local artists and performers.

Priority Access


As a member, you'll receive priority access to our events, workshops, and exhibitions. Be the first to see new exhibitions, book tickets for performances, and register for workshops and classes.

Networking Opportunities


Membership provides numerous opportunities to meet and network with artists, performers, art enthusiasts, and industry professionals. It's a chance to become part of a vibrant, creative community.



Enjoy discounts on tickets for performances, workshops, and classes. Members may also receive discounts on artwork purchases during exhibitions.

Regular Updates


Stay in the loop with regular newsletters and updates about upcoming events, exhibitions, and opportunities at BAC.

Opportunity to Exhibit


For artist members, there's the opportunity to apply for a spot in our galleries. Have your work seen and appreciated by a wide audience.

Support Us

By becoming a member, you're not just supporting the arts, you're becoming part of a community that values creativity, talent, and cultural growth.  Join us today and help us continue to make Bossier Parish a vibrant hub for the arts.

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