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Bossier Arts Council

The Art Wall at the BAC is a vibrant mural space located along the bustling Interstate I-20. This unique canvas is dedicated to showcasing the talents of local artists, providing a grand stage for their creative expressions. As a visual landmark, the Art Wall reflects the diverse and dynamic spirit of our community, offering passersby a glimpse into the rich artistic culture of our region.

Contribute to the Artistic Tapestry of Bossier


The Art Wall is more than just a mural; it's a testament to the vibrant artistic soul of our community.

By participating, you're not only showcasing your talent but also contributing to the cultural tapestry that makes Bossier unique and beloved.


Benefits of the Art Wall

Visibility and Exposure


Your artwork will be prominently displayed on a large-scale mural, visible to the countless individuals who travel along I-20. This exposure can significantly boost your profile as an artist.

Civic Pride and Contribution


Featuring your artwork allows you to contribute to the aesthetic and cultural vibrancy of the area. It's an opportunity to take pride in beautifying and enriching the public space, fostering a sense of community and civic engagement.

Networking Opportunities


Showcasing your artwork places you in a network of like-minded artists and art enthusiasts. This visibility can lead to new connections, collaborations, and opportunities within the local art community and beyond.

Community Engagement


Participating in the Art Wall project allows you to engage with the local community, contributing to the cultural and aesthetic enrichment of the area.

Professional Growth


Being featured on the Art Wall serves as a commendable achievement in your artistic career, enhancing your portfolio and opening doors to further opportunities.

Artistic Inspiration


The Art Wall acts as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging other artists and community members to appreciate and value local art.



  • We invite college students and adult artists to apply for a chance to feature their work on the Art Wall.  

  • Applicants must be active members of the Bossier Arts Council (BAC). 

  • Keep in mind that membership in the BAC and submission of your artwork does not guarantee installation. 

  • Our gallery committee will jury the submitted works.  

  • We strive to maintain an inclusive and respectful environment; therefore, any artwork deemed obscene, offensive, or explicitly religious or politically motivated will be automatically rejected.

  • Please provide your full name, email address, phone number, and a brief artist bio.

  • Submit 3-5 original designs tailored for the Art Wall.

  • Each design should be in a high-resolution digital format.

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